Friday, 25 August 2017

5 Simple steps to disable the Panda Antivirus

Panda solid security program is a virus removal tool. But sometimes we have needed to disable panda antivirus software like while downloading and installing the new software. You can also disable panda antivirus at yourself or call Panda antivirus support number to take help from experts.

Here in this blog, we have mentioned the step by step guide to Disable Panda Antivirus.

Step 1
First, you have to Right-Tap on the long, horizontal bar which holds your "Start" menu icon. This bar is called the "taskbar."

Step 2
After executing the first step you have to tap on the "Start Task Manager."

Step 3
Then, tab on the "Processes" tab.

Step 4
Aspect under the "Description" column for the file that represents Panda Antivirus program once located, click on this file listing.

Step 5
Finally, you have to click on the "End Task" option button. Click "End Task" again in the new window that appears. This will disable Panda Antivirus on your system until you restart your computer.

If still, you are unable to disable the panda antivirus program on your system. Then no need to bother avail instant help from panda support experts by dialing toll-free Panda technical support phone number 1-800-982-0436.Here experts give step by step guide to fix any issue related to the printer on time with satisfactory result.

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